Online Programme

Academics from the University of Cambridge will deliver a diverse selection of 10-week online research training programmes across various disciplines for high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students. Cambridge tutors and supervisors will conduct lectures, research training workshops, small group supervision, and research meetings tailored to student's research progress and academic capabilities. Guidance on selecting research topics and planning will be provided throughout the process. Students will present their own research papers upon completion of the programme.

Programme Features

The Online Research Programme, meticulously designed by esteemed academics and educators from the University of Cambridge, promises a top-notch educational experience. This initiative aims to sharpen students' research skills, deepen their understanding of relevant subjects, and cultivate academic development. The programme presents a variety of benefits:

  • * Eight weeks of immersive research learning alongside world-leading experts in a specific field.

  • * Engage in dynamic learning through regular online supervision and research meetings. Collaborate with peers, pose questions, and exchange innovative ideas under the guidance of experienced research leaders and supervisors from the University of Cambridge.

  • * Enjoy the convenience of flexible learning via Zoom and Moodle. Attend online lectures and meetings from the comfort of your home while accessing extensive learning resources through the Moodle student system.

  • * Tailored for self-motivated students, our programme provides a platform to expand knowledge, refine research expertise, and enhance academic and professional capabilities.

Subjects Available
Subjects Available
Sample Schedule & Recommendation
Sample Schedule & Recommendation

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The evaluation method for our academic programme is designed to ensure a comprehensive and fair assessment of participants' endeavours, which includes:

  • Research proposal:

Students are required to submit a 2000 words individual research proposal to the research leader for approval and evaluation before they confirm the research topic and methodologies.

  • Research report:

Students are required to submit a 3000 words research report to the research leader for review and evaluation.

Admission Requirements

This Programme is Suitable for:

Senior high school students, and all undergraduate and postgraduate students who want to:

* Get professional feedback from professional academics and researchers

* Work on a final year project/research project as their school or university     assignment

* Receive academic references

* Gain insights and development in a certain research field

* Age 16 and above

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